Netanyahu to Nasrallah: We’ll respond to Hezbollah with a crushing blow

Netanyahu to Nasrallah We'll respond to Hezbollah with a crushing blow

PM Netanyahu this morning, at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting, warned the Iranian-linked terror group Hezbollah that Israel will strike Lebanon with “a crushing blow” if its Muslim terrorists dare to strike Israel.

“Over the weekend we heard Nasrallah’s boastful words about his attack plans. It should be clear that if Hezbollah dares to do something stupid and attack Israel, we will hit him and Lebanon with a crushing military blow”, Netanyahu said.

Hezbollah terror group leader Hassan Nasrallah emerged on Friday from the safety of his underground bunker where he has been hiding from Israel since 2006 for a televised interview on the 13th anniversary of the start of the 34-day war with Israel.

Nasrallah emerges from his bunker and threatens 'Our rockets can reach all of Israel'

“War would bring Israel to the brink of extinction,” Nasrallah threatened. “Once we could strike targets south of Haifa. Today, we can say that if Israel had sites south of Eilat, we could hit them too. All of Israel is within range of our missiles,” he said.

Unlike Nasrallah, who bragged of “game-changing offensive weapons” and surprises by ground, sea, and air, Netanyahu said, “I do not intend to elaborate on our plans.”

“Suffice it to say that for years Nasrallah dug terror tunnels, which we destroyed within days,” Netanyahu added.

In December 2018, the IDF launched Operation Northern Shield to expose and neutralize cross-border terror tunnels dug by Lebanon’s Hezbollah into northern Israel.