Mossad thwarted 50 ISIS, Iranian terror attacks in 20 countries over 3 years

Mossad thwarted 50 ISIS, Iranian terror attacks in 20 countries over 3 years

Information provided by the Mossad and IDF intelligence helped foil at least 50 terror attacks planned by ISIS and Iran in 20 countries over the course of three years, Channel 12 reported.

Twelve of these potentially catastrophic terror attacks thwarted by Israel’s Mossad were on Turkish soil.

Intelligence was transferred to Turkey despite diplomatic tensions between the countries, even during periods when Erdogan was publicly berating Israel.

In response to the news, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said, “It appears that not only the citizens of Israel owe thanks to the Mossad.”

“It would be interesting if the tyrant Erdogan would be kind enough to thank us for saving the lives of his citizens.”

“Spoiler: No,” he added.

Israel has used cyber-intelligence to prevent major terror attacks planned by Muslim terrorists in dozens of countries, including an ISIS’ plan to bomb an airliner that flew from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, PM Netanyahu said last month at the Tel Aviv University Cyber Week.


The Mossad thwarted a terror attack in Paris last year, giving authorities in France, Germany, and Belgium crucial intelligence that led to arrests of a terror cell headed by an Iranian diplomat.

The cell, headed by an Iranian diplomat at the Austrian embassy in Vienna, also consisted of a Belgian married couple of Iranian origin.


In December, Mossad helped Argentina foil a major Hezbollah terrorist attack on Jewish community centers in Buenos Aires.

Two Muslim terrorists with Argentinian citizenship and links to the Iranian backed Hezbollah terror group were arrested. Police discovered an arsenal that included rifles, shotguns, a number of pistols, credentials in Arabic and an image of Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group flag.