Watch: IDF investigates cross-border Hamas terror tunnel

Watch: IDF investigates cross-border Hamas terror tunnel

The IDF on Monday discovered a Hamas terror tunnel that crosses into Israeli territory, during the construction of the underground barrier along the Gaza border.

IDF engineering units have been operating over the past 24 hours to investigate the routes in order to neutralize the terror tunnel.

The IDF has destroyed 18 cross-border terror tunnels that infiltrated into Israeli territory in the past five years, since Operation Protective Edge.

IDF discovers cross-border Hamas terror tunnel that infiltrates Israel from Gaza (3)

The new underground barrier will extend 65 kilometers (40 miles) around Gaza, from the new sea barrier near Zikim beach in the north to Kerem Shalom crossing in the south. It is intended to prevent Hamas and other Muslim terror groups from using tunnels to invade Israel in order to carry out terror attacks and murder Jews.

The fence has a system of advanced sensor and monitoring devices to detect tunnels. The construction is taking place just a few dozen meters from the Gaza border.