14 French, Dutch Muslim children-terrorists sent back ‘home’ from Syria

Twelve children of French Muslim terrorists were flown ‘home’ on Monday from Syria, along with two Dutch children-terrorists who will be handed over to the Netherlands, the French foreign ministry has said.

The latest wave of repatriations of foreigner terrorists targeted a group of children who were “isolated and particularly vulnerable”, the French ministry said, adding that some were ill or malnourished.

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In addition, the family of a French Muslim terrorist member of ISIS in Syria arrived back in France on Tuesday after having been expelled from Turkey, said a judicial source.

The source said the family – comprised of the terrorist, two wives, and nine children – had been initially arrested in Turkey after traveling to that country from Syria.

Authorities in northeast Syria have been urging Western countries to take back citizens who joined ISIS and their relatives after the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces captured the terror group’s last enclave this year.

France has one of the largest contingents of Muslim terrorists who were captured or surrendered along with their families in the final stages of the US-backed Kurdish assault on ISIS.

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The move to hand over French and Dutch terrorists to government delegations comes amid increasing pressure from activists over Iraq’s handling of cases involving French jihadists.

Nearly a dozen French nationals are at risk of execution in Iraq after an Iraqi court sentenced them to death over ISIS affiliation.

In an open letter published earlier this month, a group of 45 lawyers urged President Emmanuel Macron to keep the Muslim terrorists alive, irrespective of their crimes and mass murders.