Latest anti-Israel blood libel: Gaza terrorist’s daughter faces death alone

Latest anti-Israel blood libel: Gaza terrorist's daughter faces death alone

Aisha Lulu, a 5-year-old girl from Gaza died of brain stem cancer yesterday in a hospital in Jerusalem.

Hamas, the terror group that rules Gaza, claims that she died alone and crying from pain because Israel did not allow her parents to join her.

The anti-Israel blood libel has been widely spread on social media, with Muslim terror fans and antisemites in general blaming Israel for her death.

An investigation on Aisha Lulu made by the correspondent for Arab affairs Shimrit Meir, reports that both parents signed a waiver to let their daughter enter Israel without them, and designated an escort instead.

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The reason? Her father, Wassam al-Lulu, is a known Hamas terrorist who feared that entering Israel could lead to his arrest.

Her mother, possibly a hardcore Hamas terrorist, was not listed in the register of citizens at all, not in Gaza, or in the Palestinian Authority.

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Once a family custodian was appointed, Aisha Lulu was immediately authorized entry to Israel.  The escort was with her all the time.

Her illness needed much more serious treatment a long time ago, though the family waited until the very last moment to get her out of Gaza for treatment.

In addition, even if Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas did not pay for her treatment, Israel would find alternative funding and give it to her immediately.


The IDF’s Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) said in a statement:

Contrary to various reports, Israel approved the entry into Israel of the child Aisha a-Lulu for medical treatment in a hospital in East Jerusalem after her parents signed a waiver, according to which they do not wish to leave the Gaza Strip with her, and instead requested that she exit Gaza accompanied by a friend of the family, who entered Israel with her and stayed with her during the course of treatment. In addition, we would like to emphasize that in contrary to reports, Aisha a-Lulu passed away in the Gaza Strip after having returned to her home approximately two weeks ago after surgery, which unfortunately did not succeed in the Al-Maqasid Hospital.

We emphasize that CLA Gaza policy requires parents to escort their minor children for medical treatments, based on the understanding that children need their parents in moments such as these. However, in this case, Aisha’s parents did not wish to accompany her and therefore, in accordance with CLA policy, they were requested to sign a declaration that they choose not to escort their daughter during the course of her treatment, due to their own choice, and request that another party on their behalf escort her.