Watch: Dutch Muslim lawmaker arrested for holding a terror flag on Temple Mount

Watch Dutch Muslim lawmaker arrested for holding terror flag on Temple Mount

Tunahan Kuzu, an Istanbul-born Muslim member of the Dutch Parliament was arrested on Friday after walking on Temple Mount, the Jewish holiest site in Jerusalem’s Old City, with a terror flag and a cameraman, hoping to get arrested.

Kuzu, 37, was born in Turkey and is a member of the pro-immigrant DENK, or Think, party, which is made up of Muslim migrants to Holland.

In 2014, Kuzu led an unsuccessful parliamentary effort for the Netherlands to recognize the imaginary state of Palestine.

In 2016, the Muslim lawmaker stood in the receiving line of the House of Representatives and refused to shake hands with Prime Minister Netanyahu during a diplomatic visit to the Netherlands.

Later in the day, Netanyahu released a video from his plane in which he seemed to respond to Kuzu:  “Those who wrinkle their noses, let their noses stay wrinkled,” he said, quoting former prime minister Menachem Begin.