US to send more Patriot missiles to the Middle East in response to growing threat from Iran

US to send more Patriot missiles to the Middle East in response to growing threat from Iran

Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has approved a new deployment of Patriot missiles to the Middle East, a U.S. official told Reuters on Friday, in the latest U.S. response to a growing threat from Iran.

The decision comes after the Trump administration expedited the deployment of a carrier strike group and sent bombers to the Middle East following troubling indications of possible preparations for an attack by Iran.

Footage from yesterday shows numerous tanks and armored vehicles on the move near Abadan, southwest Iran.

Yesterday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Iran had “engaged in an escalating series of threatening actions and statements in recent weeks” and that “any attacks by them or their proxies against US interests or citizens will be answered with a swift and decisive US response.”

US warns swift and decisive response to any attacks by Iran or its proxies

“Iran’s 40 years of killing American soldiers, attacking American facilities and taking American hostages is a constant reminder that we must defend ourselves,” Pompeo said.

On Tuesday US Central Command spokesperson Capt. Bill Urban said they had seen “indications that Iranian and Iranian proxy forces were making preparations to possibly attack US forces in the region.”

Iran moving ballistic missiles by boat in the Persian Gulf (3)

Four B-52 bombers are being deployed to the Middle East. Two of the bombers are expected to leave Tuesday from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, arriving at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar on Wednesday.

White House national security adviser John Bolton said on Sunday that the US was deploying a bomber task force and the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group to the U.S. Central Command region, an area that includes the Middle East.