France: Hostages taken by Muslim terrorist near Toulouse on first day of Ramadan

France: Gunman holding 5 hostages near Toulouse airport - Police operation underway

HAPPENING NOW: A 17-year-old Muslim terrorist has taken six people hostage in a tobacco shop in Blagnac, north-west of Toulouse in Haute-Garonne, France. He is armed and is threatening to open fire at police.

According to the police, the Muslim terrorist belongs to the “Yellow Vests’ armed wing”.

He is demanding that a negotiator be brought in and is warning that he will shoot a hostage if the security perimeter is not distant.

The 17-year-old Muslim terrorist has opened fire at police in order to drive them away.

Police have reportedly alerted the neighborhood, asking residents to stay home and close their shutters.

Local state television reported that the hostage-taker is wearing a helmet fitted with a camera and has fired three shots in the air before demanding to speak with a negotiator.

UPDATE: All the hostages have been released.

The status of the Muslim terrorist was not immediately known.

Details to follow