PM Netanyahu: Gaza operation isn’t over— ‘We are prepared to continue’

PM Netanyahu: Gaza operation isn't over— ‘We are prepared to continue’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday the recent escalation which saw 700 rockets fired by Muslim terrorists and four Israeli civilians murdered isn’t over despite reports from Arab sources about a ceasefire.

“Over the last two days, we struck Hamas and Islamic Jihad with great force. We hit over 350 targets. We struck at terrorist leaders and operatives and we destroyed terrorist buildings”, Netanyahu said.

“The campaign is not over and it demands patience and sagacity. We are prepared to continue. The goal has been – and remains – ensuring quiet and security for the residents of the south. I send condolences to the families and best wishes for recovery to the wounded,” PM Netanyahu added.

Israel bombs 320 Islamic Jihad, Hamas terror targets in response to rocket fire from Gaza (3)

Hamas officials said an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire agreement was reached between the terror group and Israel on Monday to end the recent escalation.

Justice portfolio hopeful Bezalel Smotrich wrote on Twitter: “Tactically speaking, the round in Gaza should have ended with 700 dead terrorists (one for every rocket) and with massive physical damage to Hamas – so that it would take them years to recover. We can’t afford to have a million and a half citizens in shelters every few weeks.”

Likud MK Gideon Sa’ar criticized the Hamas-Israel ceasefire, tweeting: “Timed intervals between rounds of violence directed at Israel and its citizens are getting shorter, while Gaza’s terror organizations are getting stronger. The round of fighting has been delayed rather than prevented.”

Israel bombs 320 Islamic Jihad, Hamas terror targets in response to rocket fire from Gaza (4)

In two days of non-stop barrages of rockets into Israeli civilians, Israel struck hundreds of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror targets in Gaza.

Hamas’ public security headquarters, rockets launchers, terror tunnels, weapons manufacturing factories, an Islamic Jihad compound and command center located inside a mosque, Hamas weapons depots, observation control rooms, and terror tunnels were among the targets bombed by the IDF in response to the massive rocket attacks.

Muslim terrorist Hamad Ahmad Khudari, a senior member of the Hamas armed wing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, whose sole mission is to murder Israelis, has been eliminated as the result of an IDF targeted elimination in central Gaza.

Arabs report that the 34-year-old Muslim terrorist was eliminated by an Israeli strike on his car in central Gaza.

In a dramatic escalation, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed the targeted assassination, adding that Ahmad Khudari was responsible for the transfer of funds from Iran to the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups in Gaza.

This was the first targeted assassination since 2014.

In addition, the IDF says it thwarted a Hamas cyber attack:

“We thwarted an attempted Hamas cyber offensive against Israeli targets. Following our successful cyber defensive operation, we targeted a building where the Hamas cyber operatives work. HamasCyberHQ.exe has been removed”, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.