Islamic Jihad threatens to hit all Israel’s major cities if IDF resumes targeted eliminations

Islamic Jihad threatens to hit all Israel's major cities if IDF resumes targeted eliminations

The Islamic Jihad terror group continue threatening that if Israel harms or eliminates its Muslim terrorists, the terror group will launch rocket attacks targeting civilians on all Israel’s largest cities.

Israel has reportedly informed Egypt that if the explosive devices and rockets do not stop, they will return to targeted assassinations of senior Muslim terrorists.

Senior Muslim terrorist Ziad al-Nakhaleh, who was named the new Islamic Jihad chief in September 2018, made the comments after the IDF accused its terror group of firing the rocket that landed off the Israeli coast Monday evening.

“This is Bahaa Abu-Ala’ta, the Gaza Commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Last night, his operatives fired a rocket at Israel to bring about an escalation. Thankfully, the rocket landed in the sea. The IDF remains ready and committed to defending Israel against such terror”,  the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

IDF  Islamic Jihad terror group responsible for rocket fire from Gaza

The IDF named the Islamic Jihad terrorists directly, publishing their photos, and laid responsibility for the attack on the terror group, an unusual move as it normally holds Hamas terror group accountable for terrorism coming out of Gaza.

Asked by Dar al-Hayat, an Arabic-language news site, whether Islamic Jihad feared Israel carrying out assassinations against its members, Nakhaleh stated: “If you intend by your question to refer to the threats in recent days connected to rocket-fire, I clearly state that we will respond with force and attack major cities, if any harm is done to members of the resistance [Muslim jihadists] or premeditated assassinations are carried out against them.”

Two rockets were fired at southern Israel early Thursday,  about two hours after Israeli fighter jets conducted airstrikes against targets belonging to Hamas terror group in Gaza, following the launch of explosive devices attached to balloons from Gaza into Israel earlier in the day.

Code red sirens sounded in Israeli communities along the Gaza border before the rocket fire, but there were no reports of damage and no one was hurt.

Arabs report that a Hamas training terror camp in Gaza was targeted by the Israeli air force. It was heavily damaged, reports say, but no casualties were reported.