Venezuela’s uprising against socialist tyrant: News channels blocked, armored vehicles mow down protesters

Venezuela's uprising against socialist tyrant: News channels blocked, armored vehicles mow down protesters

HAPPENING NOW: Fifty-two people were injured in clashes and taken to a hospital in Caracas, as horrifying footage and images show dictator Nicolas Maduro’s armored vehicles mowing down anti-regime protesters.

The under-siege tyrant ordered loyal troops onto the streets of Caracas after opposition leader Juan Guaido issued a call for a popular uprising supported by soldiers who had defected from the regime.

CNN, BBC, and six other international channels have been taken off the air in Venezuela by the government.

Regional radio and TV channels were ordered not to broadcast live events.

Comparing CNN’s recording of its broadcast to the viewer’s recording, it appears CNN’s signal was cut around 11:44 a.m. local time.

That means CNN was taken off the air about one minute after it broadcast a live feed showing Venezuelan military vehicles running over protesters outside the La Carlota military base in Caracas.

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Once the signal was cut, a message appeared, in Spanish, on the screen that read, “Program not available due to restrictions from the channel provider,” and then directed viewers to a website.

Heavy gunfire broke out on the streets of Venezuela today after Juan Guaido called for a military uprising to oust socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro.

The opposition leader, who is backed by the US and most Western governments, appeared in a video with uniformed men outside an air force base in the capital Caracas, saying he had military support.

Guaido urged protesters and members of the military to join what the ‘final phase of Operation Liberty’.

The troops then fanned out to set up defensive positions around the base before Maduro’s forces arrived and opened fire with teargas followed by live rounds, according to witnesses.

Details to follow