US: Coffee shop closing after backlash to owner’s antisemitic Facebook post blaming Jews for the Holocaust

Michael Palombo, an anti-Semite coffee shop owner who blames Jews for the Holocaust, announced he was shutting down his business after admitting that his claim that ‘hackers’ posted an anti-semitic rant on his Facebook page was false.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reported Monday that the owner of V Roast Bistro in Albuquerque admitted to writing a since-deleted Facebook post in which he referred to Jews as “f–king animals that deserve everything that has happen to them and don’t deserve our sorrow for what has happen to them.”

“Why is it so often a Jew is behind the suffering of others?” the deleted Facebook post read, along with identifying Palombo’s landlord as Jewish.

US Anti-Semite cafe owner claims Facebook post calling Jews 'animals' was 'made by a hacker'.jpg

The post further blames Jews for rising rent costs and Wall Street greed, spawning the Occupy movement, which Palombo happens to be part of.

The post was shared on social media and has inspired many to leave negative reviews on his business’s page and Yelp page.

Palombo initially said someone else wrote the anti-Semitic comments on his personal Facebook page.

But he told the local newspaper Monday that he wrote the post “in a moment of anger.”

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Since his hacking story, more screenshots have circulated showing more anti-Semitic comments made by the coffee shop owner.

The business owner frequently shares his political opinion, including that of Israel. “I haven’t spoken out against Jews but I’ve spoken out against Israel and their occupation of Palestine,” he said.

The coffee shop was widely boycotted by the Albuquerque community last week. But Palombo denied that he was closing his business because of the widespread backlash.

“My wife’s been wanting me to close it for a while,” he said.