Terror in Argentina: Jewish worshipers attacked by Muslim couple inside Buenos Aires synagogue

A Muslim couple broke into the Mikdash Yosef synagogue in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires during Shabbat evening services while shouting “All Jews must die” and threatening worshipers.

During the attack, the Muslim terrorists threatened the Jewish worshipers with a sharp object and threw rocks at the congregants and a security guard.

They also threw oil on the floor, causing several worshipers fell on the synagogue’s entrance floor.

Terror in Argentina Muslim couple attack worshipers inside Buenos Aires synagogue

One of the guards prevented further violence by pepper spraying them. The Muslim terrorists were neutralized and arrested when the police arrived.

Rabbi Uriel Husni, the leader of the congregation, who was wounded while trying to stop the terrorists, said: “I never thought that something like this could happen. We had terror here. Together with security, we were able to stop it. We are asking for police protection for the door of the synagogue.”

In February, the Chief Rabbi of Argentina Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich was brutally beaten in his home in Buenos Aires.


Davidovich’s wife was tied up during the home invasion. The assailants stole money and other possessions from the home while also telling Davidovich “We know that you are the AMIA Rabbi.”