Muslim terrorists in Israeli prisons launch major hunger strike over denied cellphones

Hamas terrorists in Israeli prisons launched a complete hunger strike on Sunday morning, to protest the installation of devices that block cellphone service to prevent them from communicating with other Muslim terrorists outside the prison.

The hunger strikers are led by some of the most notorious Muslim terrorists who carried out major terror attacks, including Cafe Moment suicide bombing in Jerusalem and Park Hotel in Netanya on Passover Eve.

Muslim terrorist attempts to stab a guard at security prison in southern Israel

According to officials, Muslim terrorists in Israeli prisons recently tried to launch 14 terror attacks using smuggled cellphones.

Yesterday, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said it was “a crazy thing that terrorists in prison can be in contact with terror groups.”

“Terrorists dying in a hunger strike is the last thing that bothers me”, Erdan added.

Erdan said the prisoners were seeking to use the threat of mass hospitalization to extract concessions. He rejected holding negotiations with them and said he did not intend to “surrender” to their demands.

Two Israel Prison Service guards were stabbed last month by Hamas terrorists at the Ktziot Security Prison in southern Israel.