Security sources: Islamic Jihad preparing significant terror attack along the Gaza border

Despite the rockets fired yesterday from Gaza, Israel has begun implementing the agreement with Hamas, the terror group which rules Gaza. The IDF said that they allowed the expansion of the fishing zone for Gaza fishermen from 22km (12 nautical miles) to 28km (15 nautical miles).

The fishing zone in Gaza has not been expanded this far since the second intifada.

In addition, a foreign delegation will arrive in Gaza late this month to follow the humanitarian situation, and Israel is allowing trucks into Gaza.

Jewish activists demonstrated at the Kerem Shalom crossing, briefly blocking the entrance of goods into Gaza, in protest of the security situation and the agreement with Hamas.

Jewish activists demonstrated at the Kerem Shalom

According to security sources, the Islamic Jihad terror group is preparing a “significant” terror attack in the coming hours or days in order to undermine the arrangement between Israel and Hamas.


Security forces stationed along the Gaza border noticed unusual activity carried out by Islamic Jihad terrorists, which might be conducted in preparation for the launching of rockets, breaching of the security fence or an anti-tank missile attack.

According to Arab reports, Saif Al-Islam and Nasser Salah Al-Din Brigades terror groups refused the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel and joined efforts to undermine the arrangement.

Yesterday, speaking about the tense situation on the Gaza border Netanyahu said: “I have ordered the IDF units deployed to the Gaza border to maintain their positions. We are ready for any development and will do everything in order to maintain our security.”

Senior security sources say the forces stationed on the Gaza border have not been called up to deal with the Saturday’s riots. A wide-scale operation against Hamas is still very much a possibility in the coming days.