50,000 Muslim terrorists riot along the Gaza border as anniversary of weekly terrorism goes ahead

Some 50,000 Gazans gathered at several locations near the Israeli border for the Gaza’s ‘million man march’. Thousands of Muslim terrorists are throwing rocks, firebombs, explosive devices and attempting to breach the security fence in order to murder Jews to mark one year of weekly terrorism, which coincides with the annual Land Day.

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IDF troops are responding with riot dispersal means including live fire at main terrorists, in accordance with the rules of engagement.

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Initial reports of a Muslim terrorist that blew himself up in a jihadi workplace accident while attempting to throw an explosive device at IDF soldiers.

A second Muslim terrorist reportedly shot and eliminated after approaching the fence.

According to Arab reports, only 250 terrorists were wounded by live fire and tear gas inhalation during the ongoing riots. Three of them are critically injured, 4 in serious condition.

“These 8-year-old children were forced to cross into Israel with a knife. We returned them safely to Gaza”, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

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“Take a look at the Facebook profile of the “Sons of Zouari”- a Hamas unit that violently attacks Israel, throwing grenades and explosives. They boasted on their page that today’s riot will be laden with explosives. They are”, the IDF tweeted.

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Yahya Sinwar, a Muslim terrorist freed in the Shalit terrorists’ release and now leader of the Hamas terror group arrived at the riots and waived a sword, signaling the riot’s true purpose.

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Earlier today, a Muslim terrorist who was shot in the head by IDF fire during late-night riots, died of his wounds.

999,999 - Muslim terrorist shot and eliminated ahead of Gaza's million-man riots

The Hamas-ruled Health Ministry in Gaza identified the Muslim terrorist as 21-year-old Mohammed Jihad Sa’ad.


IDF tanks shelled at least two Hamas terror posts overnight in northern Gaza which were used by Muslim terrorists to launch explosive devices into Israeli territory.

In addition, Muslim terrorists are rioting, burning tires, throwing rocks and firebombs at security forces in the Ramallah area to mark the “Land Day”, referring to Israel ’s control of land in the Negev and Galilee in 1967, demolishing illegal Arab buildings and evacuating communities established illegally by Arab squatters.

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According to Arab reports, a Muslim terrorist was shot in the head in al-Bireh.

Additional riots reported at the entrance to the terror nest of Nabi Salah.

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The main Land Day march in Israel is planned for Saturday afternoon in the northern city of Sakhnin, with additional marches, demonstrations, and riots expected across the country.

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