IDF completes build-up for ‘Land Day’ riots on Gaza border

The IDF has completed the build-up for “Land Day” mass riots and the first anniversary of the Friday riots after mosque along the Gaza border, as preparations continue for a possible escalation and a counter-terrorism operation in Gaza.

IDF officials are expecting large riots, raising the likelihood of bloodshed in the annual ‘Land Day’, referring to Israel ’s control of land in the Negev and Galilee in 1967, demolishing illegal Arab buildings and evacuating communities established illegally by Arab squatters.

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“IDF troops have completed operational preparations for the events of “Land Day” in the southern region and are continuing to increase preparedness for a possible escalation of violence caused by violent and terrorist acts during the riots,” the IFG said in a statement.

Three additional brigades were deployed to the Gaza division, along with an artillery battalion. In addition, reservists from air defense and other select units were called up.

IDF build-up continues along the Gaza border after a night of strikes and rockets

Prime Minister Netanyahu completed his tour of the Gaza border and said that he has instructed the IDF to be ready for a “wide-scale campaign”.

IDF completes build-up for 'Land Day' riots on Gaza border (2)

Earlier today, the IDF carried out an aircraft attack targeting a terror cell of Muslim terrorists who were launching explosive devices and firebombs attached to balloons from Gaza into Israeli territory.