Muslim terrorist attempts to stab a guard at security prison in southern Israel

BREAKING: A Hamas terrorist attempted to stab a security guard at the terrorists’ prison Ktziot, in southern Israel.

According to initial reports, during a search conducted by prison guards, a Muslim terrorist tried to pull out an improvised blade.

The Muslim terrorist was neutralized by guards. No one was hurt.

Yesterday, two Israel Prison Service guards were stabbed by Hamas terrorists at the same prison.

One guard, seriously wounded, was airlifted via helicopter to Soroka Medical Center. The other guard was lightly injured and was treated at the prison.

According to security sources, one terrorist was eliminated, 11 others were injured in ensuing clashes, and seven of them airlifted to hospital.

Hamas  terrorists stab guards at security prison in southern Israel - 1 terrorist eliminated

The attacks came amid heightened tensions following the installation of devices that block cellphone service to prevent Muslim terrorists from communicating with other Muslim terrorists outside the prison.

The Hamas prisoners’ club threatened that the installation of devices and the dispersal of terrorists would heighten tensions in the prisons.