Terror in Somalia: Car bomb attack near key buildings in Mogadishu

BREAKING: Huge blast said to be a car bomb just heard near Somalia’s intelligence agency HQ in Mogadishu, with a plume of smoke seen above the scene of blast

According to first reports, the car bomb hit the gate of Banaadir Police Station bordering Public Works and Labor HQs premises.

The explosion was followed by gunshots. Clouds of smoke seen above the site of the terror attack.

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“The first blast took place at the Ministry of Labour … there are also other ministry buildings near the scene. It was a suicide car bomb followed by gunfire,” said police officer Major Mohamed Hussein.

He added that a second blast had followed the initial one.

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Mogadishu is regularly targeted by al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabaab Muslim terrorists attempting to dislodge a Western-backed government protected by African Union-mandated peacekeepers.

At least ten people were murdered last month when Muslim terrorists from the al-Shabaab terror group used a car bomb to blast their way into a major hotel in the capital of Somalia, where they opened fire on guests.