UN adopts report accusing Israel of war crimes against Muslim terrorists in Gaza

The UN Human Rights Council adopted a report on Friday morning condemning Israel’s “apparent intentional use of unlawful lethal and other excessive force” against Muslim terrorists attempting to invade Israel along the Gaza border.

The vote follows a UN Independent Commission of Inquiry report that claims 183 Muslim terrorists were eliminated by Israel, including 35 child-terrorists, in violent riots along the Gaza border.


The commission determined that the majority of terrorists eliminated by Israeli forces – 154 out of the 183 – had been ‘unarmed’.

The results of Friday's UN vote on the report condemning Israeli violence in Gaza.

Voting against the move were 23 nations, including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Fiji, Hungary, and Ukraine. 15 countries abstained, including India, Iceland, Italy, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. 8 voted against. Spain was the only European nation to vote for the report.

“Dictatorships and hypocrites vote in favor of the singling out, absurd pro-Hamas pro-terror report,” ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon wrote on Twitter.

“We will not cooperate with this mockery and will keep protecting Israel and Israelis,” he added.

120-Muslim-terrorists-wounded-during-today’s-riots-along-the-Gaza-border-4 (1).jpg

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt tweeted his opposition to the decision, saying “It cannot be right that Israel – the world’s only Jewish State – is the only nation the UN Human Rights Council dedicates an entire agenda item to. We must stand against discrimination.”

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement calling the UNHRC’s regular condemnations of Israel an “absurd and hypocritical ritual,” and said that “findings against Israel are predetermined” before the council adopts them.

UN adopts report accusing Israel of war crimes against Muslim terrorists in Gaza

“Israel notes with satisfaction that nine countries voted against the biased resolution and that a moral majority of countries did not endorse the resolution.”

“In effect, this is a vote of no confidence to the report. Israel will continue to exercise its right of self-defense and will protect its citizens against terror and aggression. Israel will not cooperate with the Council on the issue.”

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