FRANCE – OUTRAGE: Muslim terrorist who brutally murdered Sarah Halimi deemed unfit for trial

Psychiatrists have concluded that the Muslim terrorist who murdered Jewish woman Sarah Halimi while shouting allahu akbar inside her Paris apartment in 2017, is not fit to stand trial due to ‘diminished mental capacity’ at the time of the murder.

Lawyers representing the family have expressed outrage at the news that the Muslim murderer may yet escape a criminal trial.

Orthodox Jew Sarah Halimi, 65, was beaten to death by her Muslim neighbor, 27-year-old Kobili Traoré, in April 2017.

Neighbors said they heard Traoré shout “allahu akbar”, before throwing Halimi off a balcony.

“I’ve killed the demon,” he shouted in Arabic, according to French media.

Neighbors reportedly testified that they had heard the Muslim terrorist shouting that he wanted to kill Halimi just before the murder.


In February 2018, the brutal murder of Sarah Halimi was declared an “anti-Semitic attack”, following global outcry at French authorities’ refusal to condemn the murder as an anti-Jewish hate crime.

According to reports, the third assessment of the Muslim terrorist found he did not suffer from mental illness, but that he could not be held responsible for his actions at the time of Halimi’s murder as he was in a state of “acute delirium.”

It has been reported in the past that the Muslim terrorist was under the influence of cannabis at the time of the murder.