Muslim terrorists invade Israel, burn down sniper’s nest

BREAKING: Muslim terrorists burned down an abandoned IDF post near the Gaza border.

A group of terrorists managed to cut through the security border fence and set fire to an IDF sniper’s nest inside Israeli territory before fleeing back to central Gaza.

Earlier today, an explosive device attached to a bunch of balloons launched by Muslim terrorists in Gaza landed in the northern Negev, near the Bedouin city of Rahat, in southern Israel.

Police sappers were called to neutralize the bomb.

Explosive device attached to balloons lands near Bedouin city in southern Israel

Dozens of firebombs and explosive devices attached to balloons are being launched by terrorists from Gaza into Israeli territory.

 Police warn Israelis not to touch burning kites, tires or incendiary balloons and immediately report them to the police emergency line.

Hamas escalated terror activities against Israel last night with the renewal of late-night riots on the Gaza border, 10 days after stopping them following the arrival of Egyptian intelligence officials who continue mediations efforts between the terror group and Israel.