Gazans protest against Hamas for second day – Border riots canceled over rockets fire

Hundreds of Gazans took the streets today in the city of Deir al-Balah to protest against Hamas and the economic situation. For the second day in a row, Hamas security forces opened fire, attacked demonstrators brutally beating them up and arresting several of them.

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Protests broke out in Khan Younis, but crowds said that Hamas forces dispersed the rally, that they were severely beaten and that shots were fired.

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This is the second day of protests against Hamas, the oppressive and violent terror group that rules Gaza.

Hamas has been robbing funds meant for the needy from Qatar and international organizations and using the donations to dig terror tunnels, manufacture rockets, build weapons, and prepare terror attacks against Jews.

Security experts in Israel speculated that the domestic disturbances could lead the terror group to strike Israel as a diversion.

Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and other terror groups and Arab factions announced that the weekly riots along the security border fence with Israel will not be taking place today.

The cancelation of the Friday riots after mosque comes after a tense night between Israel and Hamas, with two rockets launched at Tel Aviv and over 100 Hamas terror targets bombed in Gaza by the IAF in retaliation.

Fragments of the M-75 rocket, that was launched at Israel’s center Thursday night by Muslim terrorists from Gaza, were found near the city of Holon.

Gazans protest against Hamas for second day - Border riots canceled over rockets fire

The rocket exploded mid-air and fragments landed in an open field near the city.

According to security sources, the two rockets launched at Tel Aviv were fired ‘by accident’, when low-level Hamas terrorists activated a rocket launcher.