Shin Bet says Iran broke into cellphone of ‘Blue and White’ party leader

The cellphone of Benny Gantz, leader of the left-wing political alliance Kahol Lavan, was hacked by Iranians, Israel’s Channel 12 reported Thursday evening.

Gantz’s Kahol Lavan party confirmed the report in an official statement that read: “We don’t comment on issues that are at the heart of state security. It is important to emphasize that this incident happened four years after Gantz finished his tenure as chief of staff, [a fact] that raises many questions regarding the timing of the report’s publication.”

According to the report, the ex-general was approached by officials from Israel’s Shin Ben security service after announcing he was running for the premiership and was informed that his private device was breached.

Should Gantz wins the elections, this could endanger him and Israel’s security. However, the former general was told that he could “proceed according to his own judgment,” the Shin Bet officials clarified.

Gantz canceled a tour he had planned for this evening as part of the Blue and White party’s campaign following the publication of the report.