Muslim terrorists arrested after infiltrating from Gaza into Israel – Preparations for night riots underway

IDF soldiers arrested Thursday a Muslim terrorist who breached the security fence and infiltrated into Israeli territory from Gaza.

An explosive device apparently belonging to the terrorist was found near the crossing point.

IDF soldiers on Wednesday night identified and arrested five Muslim terrorists who attempted to invade Israel from southern Gaza.

The troops arrested the terrorists near the crossing point and they were transferred to security forces for further questioning.

During the night, Hamas terrorists in northern Gaza threw several explosive devices at IDF troops securing the border.


Heavy armored vehicles have been seen in southern Israel over the past three days, amid reports of failed Egyptian-brokered talks with Hamas.

According to sources, Israel demands a complete cessation of the riots, terror attacks and infiltration attempts along the border fence, and the cessation of the firebombs and explosive devices attached to balloons launched into Israeli territory.

Photos and video of some of the equipment to be used tonight were published online by Gaza terrorists.

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A terror cell of balloon-launchers from Khan Younis said that they have 1,000 balloons ready to be attached to explosives devices.

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