Indonesia: Wife of Muslim terrorist blows herself and her 2-year-old child up in suicide blast

The Muslima wife of an ISIS terrorist blew herself and her 2-year-old child up, in order to avoid capture by Police in Sibolga, in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province.

Police had arrested the Muslima’s husband, a Muslim terrorist member of the ISIS-affiliated Jamaah Ansharut Daulah terror group known as Abu Hamza, about 200 meters from his home a day before the suicide bombing.

The jihadi woman blew herself and one of her children up after hours of tense, unsuccessful negotiations with the anti-terrorist police unit, Muslim leaders and family members, including her jihadi husband trying to get her to surrender.

Police said they tried to persuade her to surrender for 12 hours before the explosion. During this time, the female terrorist threw an explosive device at security forces, wounding a police officer and a civilian.

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National police chief Tito Karnavian said that two more terrorists were arrested in the Sibolga raids.

“In the Lampung raid, we found bombs similar to those we found in Sibolga,” Brigadier-General Dedi said, disclosing that materials used to make bombs were uncovered.

“There are possibly still more bombs under the rubble. Police have so far detonated several devices using a remotely controlled robot, and Husain, during the interrogation, said he made many bombs,” Brig-Gen Dedi said yesterday.