Switzerland: Israeli students targeted with anti-Semitic graffiti

An antisemitic graffiti was painted at a hotel in Geneva, Switzerland, where a delegation of teenage science students from Tiberias was staying while visiting the city’s particle accelerator.

Security around the delegation was reinforced.

Switzerland Israeli students targeted with anti-Semitic graffiti.jpg

The mayor of Tiberias, Ron Cobi, published a picture of a swastika and the words “I love Hitler” inscribed at the side of one of the beds.

“Our mature students understand the meaning and responsibility of such an incident,” Cobi wrote on Facebook.

This is just the latest anti-Semitic incident in a recent wave of hate crimes against Jews in Europe.

Spectators visiting the famous Aalst carnival in Belgium were shocked to find the depiction of orthodox Jews with grimacing faces standing amongst sacks of money and rats, paraded through the town.

The depiction of orthodox Jews with grimacing faces “brought back memories from Nazi propaganda leaflets and publications such as Der Stürmer from the 1930s,” outraged spectators said.

A spate of high-profile anti-Semitic incidents has shocked France, where officials say attacks against Jews rose by 74% last year.

A memorial stone marking the site of Strasbourg’s Old Synagogue, which was destroyed by the Nazis in WW2, was vandalized last week. “Sadly, history repeats itself,” deputy mayor wrote on Facebook.

Sadly, history repeats itself” - Memorial at Strasbourg's Old Synagogue destroyed by Nazis vandalized