Brazil: Israeli traveler almost loses hand in brutal machete attack by a hotel employee

An Israeli traveler was attacked by a hotel employee in the city of Morro de São Paulo, one of the popular tourist destinations in Brazil, where many young Israelis stay.

The employee came at the Israeli traveler with a machete and nearly cut off his hand.

The victim recounted the brutal attack: 

“I was on the promenade and I bought food. There are no bathrooms nearby, so I found a quiet corner that is not connected to the hotel, just a quiet corner with grass, to do my business. Suddenly, a worker at a nearby hotel ran up to me with a chair, and hit me in the face with the chair and cut open my lip. I did not know what to do, I defended myself. When I managed to neutralize him, I asked him to stop and I asked, ‘What’s wrong?’ He didn’t answer, and then two local people came and joined him in beating me. I managed to get away from them and fled to a nearby area where there were Israelis. I called them and told them that locals beat me. They saw that I was all bloodied and accompanied me back.”

The Israeli traveler returned to the hotel area accompanied by his friends, but the hotel employee who attacked him was waiting for him there.

Brazil Israeli traveler almost loses hand in brutal machete attack by a hotel employee.jpg

“I couldn’t really see him. I saw similarities, but then I realized it was him. In seconds there was another fight. The Israelis were behind me, and I heard one of them shouting ‘be careful! He has a machete!’ I didn’t have time to react before he swung it. He cut me very badly, tearing all my flesh, and I was soaked with blood.”

As soon as the worker realized he had severely damaged the Israeli, he fled the scene.

“He understood what he had done and tried to escape,” said the Israeli traveler. “I ran for help and asked someone to make me a tourniquet.”

The Israeli was treated at the hospital. He remains in Brazil and is receiving treatment.

“I have to emphasize, it was not just Israelis who helped me,” he said. “There were also locals who helped me get medical treatment.”

The attacker was arrested and released shortly after his arrest.