Watch – Venezuela: Maduro’s troops shoot at Colombian forces and protesters – Pompeo: Dictator’s days are numbered

HAPPENING NOW: National Guard troops loyal to Maduro are shooting directly at Colombian Police forces and protesters on the Simon Bolivar International Bridge.

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Renewed clashes reported at the Francisco de Paula Santander bridge.

Venezuela Maduro's troops shoot at Colombian Police forces and civilians -  Pompeo Dictator's days are numbered.jpg

The Trump administration announced new sanctions Monday on allies of Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro after an effort to deliver humanitarian aid to the starving state faltered amid resistance from security forces loyal to the socialist dictator.

Venezuela blocks US aid for his starving socialist state - Soldiers defect to join the people against dictator Maduro (2)

Vice President Mike Pence arrived in the Colombian capital for an emergency summit of regional leaders to discuss the deepening crisis and immediately met with Juan Guaido, the opposition leader the US and 50 other nations recognize as Venezuela’s rightful president.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said Venezuelan dictator’s days are numbered.

“Picking exact days is difficult. I’m confident that the Venezuelan people will ensure that Maduro’s days are numbered,” Pompeo said.

Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro broke diplomatic relations on Saturday with Colombia as tensions escalated along the two countries’ borders over US aid, burned by security forces loyal to Maduro.

Venezuelans rushed to rescue boxes of emergency food and medicine from burning trucks stalled on a bridge to Colombia.