Terror attack thwarted: Female terrorist caught with knife near Jerusalem

BREAKING: A female Muslim terrorist was caught with a knife and arrested by security forces at the Qalandiya checkpoint near Jerusalem.

The terrorist, a resident of Shechem, aroused the suspicion of security guards and Border Police officers stationed at the Qalandiya checkpoint.

Upon searching, a knife was found in her bag. No one was hurt.

The terrorist was transferred to security forces for further questioning.

Terror attack thwarted Female terrorist caught with knife near Jerusalem

The IDF arrested 14 Muslim terrorists over the weekend in Judea and Samaria, who were wanted for involvement in terrorism and violent disorders directed against civilians and security personnel.

According to Arab reports, a Sheikh and five high-level Waqf personnel were arrested over the incident on Temple Mount last Friday, in which hundreds of Muslim rioters broke into the Mercy Gate, a large structure that was closed several years ago based on a court order because the group running the area was found to have ties to Hamas.