4 Muslim terrorists arrested in plot to bomb a plane over Sydney

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  1. Favre Jan says:

    Unreformed “moderate” Islam, specially the Orthodox one requiring Sharia on public site, is the fertile earth where extremism can flourish. In non Muslim countries, we should require a pledge according to these lines:
    Unreformed Islam is incompatible with the democratic constitution, unless they proceed to a fundamental of an authoritative reading of the Quran to vaccinate Muslims against extremism, what Muslim scholars have not yet undertaken (except a tiny minority of scholars). The main points of contention are:
    1. Renounce to establish a theocracy, with the consequence of separating Mosque and State. Power hungry opportunists will always abuse religion with personal benefit. The demise of the secular state of Pakistan and Turkey, and the degrading security of non-Muslims in Indonesia was always paired with corrupt politicians courting Islamism in order to keep power and continuing to get the benefits of corruption.
    2. Renounce to convert people using compulsion and repression.
    3. Renounce the law of apostasy, recognizing the right of ex-Muslims to choose another religion or none, as they see fit.
    4. Renounce to forbid Muslim women to marry men of other religions.
    5. Renounce to compel children of Muslim father to become Muslims, accepting what they freely choose to be when they become adults.
    6. Renounce the law of blasphemy.
    Every Muslim organization, which does not comply to these points should be banned and their leaders deported out of the country.
    Activities of Clerics should be regularly monitored.

  1. February 21, 2018

    […] The thwarted attack was reported at the time both in Israel and abroad, but the intelligence agency that helped secure the vital information to prevent it has not been revealed until now. […]

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