Hamas terrorist arrested after attempting to infiltrate into Israel

The IDF arrested a Hamas terrorist on Sunday after he was seen damaging the security infrastructure at the Karni crossing on the Gaza border, in order to infiltrate into Israel.

The Muslim terrorist was attempting to break through the security fence under the cover of fog.

“This is another terror activity, through which the Hamas terror organization attempts to infiltrate Israeli territory and harm its citizens,” the IDF said in a statement.

“This is part of the process which the Hamas terror organization attempts to grant a civilian cover to its terror activities, and to turn the border area into a war zone.


“The IDF is determined to act, and to fulfill its obligation to protect Israeli citizens and not to allow damage to the security infrastructures which protect them.”

On Saturday night, three Muslim terrorists were arrested by the IDF after attempting to cross the security border fence in central Gaza.

One of them was found in possession of a knife used to cut the fence.

The three terrorists were transferred to security forces for further questioning

For several weeks now, the Hamas terror group has been leading violent riots that constitute a cover for a series of terrorist attacks against Israeli infrastructures, security forces and civilians.


Last Friday, a large scale violent incursion was carried out, in which Hamas terrorists led hundreds of violent rioters, including terrorists, towards Israel, while throwing explosives, hand grenades and firebombs, and even damaging the fence.


In response to the extensive infiltration attempts into Israeli territory,  the IAF attacked six terrorist targets belonging to the Hamas naval force in Gaza.

BREAKING: Arabs report that Israeli Air Force aircrafts bombed a target in the Gaza sea port. Reports of several wounded at the scene, but a Health Ministry spokesman denied the reports. Additional strikes reported in a Hamas facility in the central city of Deir al-Balah.

“The IDF will not allow cynical use of civilians, including children, women and persons with disabilities, as a cover for ongoing terrorist activity against Israeli citizens and IDF forces, and will continue to respond harshly to any such terrorist attempt. The response to the continuation of such incidents will not be confined to the area of ​​the fence and the Hamas terrorist organization will bear its consequences even deep inside the Gaza Strip,” the IDF warned.

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