Breaking News April 19, 2018 at 06:13AM

❌ POLAND: President Duda honored the young Jews who launched the Warsaw ghetto uprising 75 years ago, but also used the occasion to continue with the campaign to rewrite history and deny their active role in the Holocaust, saying that anyone who talks about the Polish responsibility ‘hurts the feelings of the Poles’. via Facebook Pages


  1. Well, it is about time, The Poles will start feeling the pain from the greed of theirs forefathers to take Jewish homes, lands, holdings as well as lives from our people. I hope they feel it so strong, that they start repayments for the losses they cased to Jewish families, not just my wife’s family, home and land plus assets (Worth millions now).


  2. Poland is disingenuous , by giving on one hand and taking away with the other. The Polish Government can’t be trusted ; they are simply playing “double standards” with political brinkmanship…. a trojan horse is next…


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