❌ GERMANY 1930 – 2018: Young Jewish man attacked by IslamoNazi in Berlin

A young Jewish man was attacked by a Muslim near Helmholtzplatz in Berlin on Tuesday.

The Jewish man, who was wearing a kippah, filmed the assault on his phone.

UPDATE: The 21-year-old victim of an anti-Semitic attack on the streets of Berlin has told German media that, despite the fact that he was wearing a kippah, he was not Jewish, but an Israeli Arab wearing the kippah as an experiment.

“I’m not Jewish, I’m an Israeli, I grew up in Israel in an Arab family,” he said.

He was conducting what he termed an “experiment” in response to a warning from a friend that wearing a kippah in Germany was unsafe, saying he refused to believe this.

The video shows the Muslim Jew-Hater hitting him with a belt and yelling “Jew” at him in Arabic.

Passersby called the police, which launched an investigation into the anti-Semitic attack.

The Jewish man had to seek medical treatment at the hospital.

“It is incomprehensible to see a young Jewish man attacked on the street in an established area of Berlin, just because he is identified as a Jew,” said Levy Salomon, the spokesman of the Jewish Forum for Democracy and Against anti-Semitism. “It shows Jews are not safe even here. We don’t need any more speeches, we need actions.”




  1. Angela Merkel is to blame for the open door policy, polluting Germany with what was to become: Islamic Nazis.
    Anti-Semitic attacks were rare 25 years ago ” but ” this Muslim infestation, has sent Germany backwards..!


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