Rare photographs of the IDF’s early years revealed for the first time

For Israel’s 70th anniversary, the Ministry of Defense revealed a rare collection of photographs from the establishment of the State of Israel.


People at the Tel Aviv beach watching the Altalena ship burning – June 6,1948

Photographer: Fred Chesnick, Courtesy of the IDF Archive of the Ministry of Defense.


English soldiers conducting checkpoints on the mountain


New immigrants entering an abandoned Arab village with soldiers – 1950


The Givati Brigade participating in a parade. Pictured from right to left: IDF Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Yaakov Dori, Ben-Gurion, Major General Yigael Yadin, and Major General Yigal Allon – 1948.


A ship of British soldiers, Israeli navy soldiers, and civilians departing from Israel. On the right is British High Commissioner Alan Cunningham – 1948


New immigrants arrive from Cyprus on the “Pan Yarok” ship while a train passes by and several people stand waiting on the dock – 1948


The Cavalry Unit of the Givati Brigade participating in a parade on Herzl Street – 1948


Givati Brigade participating in a parade as soldiers enter in a military vehicle – 1948


Soldiers participating in a ceremony at a parade in Katamonim, Jerusalem in honor of Menachem Begin – 1948


An immigrant family resting in a temporary accomodation.



One comment

  1. The formation of Israel, was reliant upon “fateful steps”,, fall of the Ottoman Empire, British control of Palestine, the Balfour declaration and the Allies “also” winning WWII,, plus the UN Resolution and ongoing British support, despite the repeated threats of an Arab uprising.
    Of course, the Zionist movement was the catalyst that was critical throughout “but” it took other World events to
    set the foundation for a Jewish homeland ; we have to wonder – did coincidence play a part, on this path.?


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