❌ PALLYWOOD New Low: Holocaust abuse

Just before Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day, Palestinian Authority’s Pallywood strategy of abuse and exploitation has reached a new low.

PA TV misappropriated a photo showing hundreds of dead bodies at the Nazi concentration camp at Nordhausen, presenting them as Arabs killed by Jews on April 9, 1948 in the Arab village of Deir Yassin.

“And they [the Jews] burned the women and children in the village’s oven.”

Palestinian Authority's Pallywood strategy .jpg

Whereas, Arab civilians were killed at Deir Yassin during the battle, it is a complete historical distortion to claim that Jewish fighters “burned the women and children in ovens.”


Holocaust desecration, denial, abuse, and idolization of Hitler have all been components of the Palestinian Authority ideology.

The PA considers Mufti Amin Al-Husseini, who was a staunch ally of Hitler, as a national hero.

Just before Israel's Holocaust Memorial Day, Palestinian Authority Pallywood strategy of abuse and exploitation has reached a new low..png



  1. Palestinian leaders may wish we treat them as they lie we did, but a lower low is all they are aiming to which is why they are is such sad state of mind and culture. We can just laugh at these loosers while keeping them away from us, as the effects of lies and hate are best ignored from fools who say we are fools.


  2. The problem is that Leftism may propagate this lie in Western Europe to fragilize the status of Jews there. For instance, one can classify Norway as an anti-Israelian and a pro Palestian country. Lie propagated widely and long enough becomes an alternative truth as the conspiration of the Elders of Zion invented by the secret police of the Tzar. Some Leftist Jews play a highly negative role against their own people.


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