The truth comes out

The truth comes out: Muslim terrorist Hamza Abd Al-‘All, who was shot and eliminated last Friday when he attempted to storm the Gaza border fence and infiltrate Israel, was a member of the Hamas terror group.

The truth comes out (2)

Note the armed Hamas terrorists and his name as a “heroic martyr” on a Hamas poster at his memorial service.

The truth comes out

Hamas’s so-called march of return continued last Friday with the ‘Friday of the tires’, with Muslim terrorists burning tires in eco-terrorism attacks in five locations along the security border fence with Gaza.

Hamas terror group -like ISIS, uses social media to call on its Muslim terrorists to perpetrate terror attacks.

Arab social media networks display pictures, calling on Gaza terrorists for a “day of firebombs”, for next Friday’s Hamas-sponsored riots along Israel’s border security fence.

Next Friday after mosque in Gaza Day of firebombs



  1. The Palestinian people, have a characteristic “flaw by nature” ; they are tribal & very easily led like sheep.
    But these sheep, are naturally destructive, because their “Mad Shepherds” send all on a dangerous path.


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