Breaking News April 04, 2018 at 10:52PM

⚠️ COGAT chief Maj. Gen. Poli Mordechai asked WHO to intervene and stop Hamas’ plan to burn 10,000 tires during planned riots along the Gaza border this Friday after mosque. “The air pollution will damage local residents’ health”, he said. via Facebook Pages


  1. Hamas has polluted the planet in so many ways, this type of unconscionable violation, should come as no surprise.
    Asking WHO to intervene, is problematic unfortunately,,, remember that WHO is an arm of the United Nations..??
    The one & same UN, that prefers unhealthy connections to the Arab world & little respect for Israel’s predicament.
    The inaction, will have a stink to it & their motions will pass as hot air ; don’t hold your breath, waiting for a result.


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