PM Netanyahu suspends Israel-UN deal on illegal African infiltrators

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he is suspending the implementation of the illegal African infiltrators’ plan reached with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Israel reaches agreement Western countries to take in at least 16,250 illegal African infiltrators (4)

In a post he wrote in his Facebook account, the premier said:

Dear friends, I am attentive to you as always.

First, I ask you to understand the sequence of events:

Over the past two years I have been working with Rwanda so that it will serve as a “third country” that would absorb the infiltrators who will be deported without their consent. This is the only legal way for us to remove infiltrators without their consent, after the rest of our moves have been legally disqualified. Rwanda agreed to this and began the deportation operation.

In recent weeks, with the tremendous pressure placed on Rwanda by the New Israel Fund and elements in the European Union, Rwanda has withdrawn from the agreement and has refused to absorb infiltrators from Israel who were forcibly deported.

In this situation, I decided to strive for a new agreement that would still allow the continued removal of the infiltrators.

However, I am attentive to you first and foremost, to the residents of South Tel Aviv. So I decided to meet with Interior Minister Aryeh Deri with representatives of the residents tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, I am suspending the implementation of the agreement, and after I meet with the representatives, I will bring the agreement up for a new examination.

According to a report by the Population and Immigration Authority concluding 2017, there are 34,187 illegal African infiltrators from Sudan and Eritrea in Israel.


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  1. Everyone has to face a harsh reality, at this time in history. The Islamic World has turned against everything that is non-Muslim at a degree, worse than anything in the previous century. Today, African & Middle East Muslims are incompatible with most modern societies, democracy & religious freedoms – add to the fact , most Muslims, do not respect the Jewish people,, to ever show ” true allegiance ” unto Israel.
    On immigration, Israel has accepted most religions ; Islam should now be one exception (in these troubled times).!
    With the current state of conflict ; Israel would be ” better placed ” to suspend immigration, until hostilities cease.


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