Israel reaches agreement: Western countries to take in at least 16,250 illegal African infiltrators

Israel has reached an agreement with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to resolve the illegal African infiltrators disaster, nixing the government’s mass deportation plan.

According to a report by the Population and Immigration Authority concluding 2017, there are 34,187 illegal African infiltrators from Sudan and Eritrea in Israel.

As part of the new outline, the UN High Commission will work to reach agreements with different Western countries to take in at least 16,250 of the Sudanese and Eritrean infiltrators.

Israel reaches agreement Western countries to take in at least 16,250 illegal African infiltrators  (4).jpg

Israel, in turn, will grant legal status to protected populations among the infiltrators, some 18,000 Africans who would’ve remained in the country regardless.

The new plan will be implemented in three stages over five years, at the end of which the residents of South Tel Aviv, where the majority of the infiltrators currently reside, will be able to see a significant improvement in living conditions, violence, rapes and crimes.

The new outline would allow the removal of many more illegal African infiltrators from Israel than the deportation plan would have and has the added advantage of the backing of the UN and the international community.

Israel reaches agreement Western countries to take in at least 16,250 illegal African infiltrators (3)

The outline has been approved by the attorney general and is also in line with international law and common practices.

The outline will also see the establishment of a special administration entrusted with the rehabilitation of southern Tel Aviv. The administration will be headed by former MK Avigdor Yitzhaki and include representatives of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality and the southern Tel Aviv neighborhoods.

The budget and resources allocated for the implementation and enforcement of the nixed plan will instead be invested in the development and rehabilitation of south Tel Aviv.

In addition, as part of the new plan, the Israeli government will work to encourage the African infiltrators who remain in the country to spread nationwide, while providing them with occupational guidance and vocational education, helping them find employment and more.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri will deliver statements about the new outline at 4pm.


  1. Not good for Israel ; look how the African trespassers have hurt Europe – they’re even less compatible with Israel.


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