US, UK soldiers killed fighting ISIS in Syria identified

A roadside bomb in the Syrian town of Manbij has killed two members of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition and injured five more. One of the killed was American and the other British.

Five other troops were injured in the explosion on March 29.

The US service member killed was a 36-year-old Army soldier from Texas. The Defense Department identified him Saturday as Master Sgt. Johnathan J. Dunbar of Austin.

Dunbar was assigned to the headquarters of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

US, UK soldiers killed fighting ISIS in Syria, identified.jpg


The British Ministry of Defense has named the soldier killed in action in Syria on Thursday as 33-year-old Sergeant Matt Tonroe from the 3rd Battalion the Parachute Regiment.

The soldier was taking part in an anti-ISIS operation when the blast occurred on Thursday, a spokesman said.

US, UK soldiers killed fighting ISIS in Syria, identified (2).jpg

The blast took place near Manbij, a city in the northeast of Aleppo governorate. Manbij was liberated from ISIS terrorists in August 2016, by US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the majority of whom are Kurds.

Since 2014 the coalition has provided weapons, training and other support to forces fighting ISIS jihadists in Syria and Iraq.

ISIS remains active in the Euphrates Basin area of northern Syria, as well as pockets further to the south.

Special forces units are known to be operating on the ground in Syria to secure areas retaken from ISIS – but officials have refused to comment on their activities or their existence.



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