Muslim terrorist indicted for Acre car-ramming attack

An indictment was filed against a Muslim terrorist from northern Israel who drove into a Border Police officer, 2 IDF soldiers and a civilian in early March in what police confirmed was a terror attack.

Malek Yousef Asadi (26), an Israeli citizen from Shefa-‘Amr in northern Israel, carried out the terror attack at the city’s train station, before a Border Police officer managed to shoot and neutralize him.

The indictment attributed to him five counts of attempted murder in his act of terror. The Muslim terrorist was hospitalized after the attack but was discharged on Tuesday before arriving in court.

According to the indictment, on 3 March at 11 am, Asadi arrived with his wife to a doctors clinic in Acre for a medical check up.

After receiving a fine, Asadi spotted a soldier looking over at him and began driving his vehicle in the direction of the soldier.

When he noticed that the soldier was about to cross the road, he accelerated his vehicle, ascended the sidewalk and hit ran the soldier over with intent to kill, the indictment noted.

Afterward, the terrorist continued and hit three more soldiers and attempted to plow his vehicle into others. The indictments also notes that before the attack, the Muslim terrorist told his friends that “life in heaven is better.”


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