Murdered because she was Jewish: 85-year-old woman raped, stabbed, burned in Paris by Muslim neighbors

Prosecutors investigating brutal murder of 85-year-old Holocaust survivor say the two Muslims in custody targeted the woman because she was Jewish.

Mirelle Knoll, an Holocaust survivor, was found dead on Friday inside the blackened remains of her apartment, which police suspect was set ablaze after she was attacked.

Murdered because she was Jewish 85-year-old woman raped, stabbed, burned in Paris by Muslim neighbors

A forensic examination of the apartment showed that an arsonist started a fire in at least five different areas of that space.

Two Muslims have been detained but have not yet been charged.

A 29-year-old Muslim was arrested on Saturday, with the second Muslim taken into custody on Sunday.

“The barbarity of this murder sends us back to that of Sarah Halimi just one year ago,” Francis Kalifat, president of the CRIF umbrella of French Jewish communities, said in a statement Monday. CRIF is organizing a memorial march in Kanol’s memory Tuesday.

France Body of 85-year-old Jewish woman Holocaust survivor found burnt, stabbed 11 times by Muslim neighbor

The prosecutor’s office reportedly has asked that the Muslims remain in preventative custody. They will face possible charges of “murder related to the victim’s religion, real or imagined,” as well as aggravated robbery and destruction of property, AFP reported, citing judicial sources.

As a child in Paris, Knoll managed to evade the round-up of Jews during World War Two, Paris lawmaker Meyer Habib said.

Thousands of Jews were brought to the Velodrome d’Hiver cycling track in 1942 and sent on to Nazi death camps.

“The horror of the crime and the violence of the executioners are identical and reflect the negation of the human face,” Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia said in a tweet.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, who is visiting Israel, said the theory that Knoll’s death was anti-Semitic was plausible.

Murdered because she was Jewish 85-year-old woman raped, stabbed, burned in Paris by Muslim neighbors (2).jpg

“It reminds us of the fundamental and permanent side of this battle (against anti-Semitism),” he said, speaking alongside Prime Minister

Knoll’s murder took place a year to the day after the murder of Sarah Halimi-Attal, a 66-year-old Jewish woman thrown off balcony by her Muslim neighbor in Paris.


Last month, the brutal murder of Sarah Halimi, has been declared an “anti-Semitic attack”, following global outcry at French authorities’ refusal to condemn the murder as an anti-Jewish hate crime.

Noa Goldfarb, a granddaughter of Kanol, wrote on Facebook:

“Twenty years ago, I left Paris knowing that neither my future nor that of the Jewish People is to be found there,” wrote Goldfarb, who lives in Herzliya, Israel. “But who would’ve thought that I was leaving my relatives where terrorism and cruelty would lead to such a tragedy. Grandmother was stabbed to death 11 times by a Muslim neighbor she knew well, who made sure to set fire to her home and left us not even one object, a letter, a photograph, to remember her by. All we have are our tears and each other.”

Noa Goldfarb, a granddaughter of Kanol, wrote on Facebook.jpg



  1. I do not know Mrs. Mirelle Knoll but I do know how she died what evil actions are and if FRANCE does not treat this a hate crime and do the right thing you will always be known as a city of evil. These men are not human they are evil pure and simple, Cowards and tough pitful men who hid behind their beliefs to destroy a woman who did nothing to them. Do you feel big and strong to have raped a holocust survivor and stabbed then burned her . Has the government of France taken these creatures and they should be tried with as much pity as they showed their victims.

    Your story will be passed on through out the world as murders of the elderly because you weren’t brave enough to do this to a large tough man. This country should keep these brainwashed men until their deaths. And when you meet your maker there will be no virgins and if you are lucky Mrs. Knoll may forgive you. She being a kind person.
    I am sick of terriosm like this with no justice. God bless their souls because we do not.

    I am very sorry for your loss to Mrs. Knoll’s family and Mrs.Halimi ‘s family and my your hearts be filled with her strength and kindness.

    She will be with you always and when you hear piece of music that she enjoyed, perfume that you recognize you will know you she is there with you and you should not keep this hate for these actions because she would not want you to miss one moment of happiness and waste a moment of your lives thinking of these people. Our thoughts and prayers are with your families and they will wait patiently to see you again.

    France the country of lovers is now a country hate and the government is promoting it by not keeping these murderers in jail until they die. The line is drawn here. Do the right thing . Show that you care about people regardless of religion.

    The world is watching. And if you cannot give Mrs Knoll justice may you see her tortured face wherever you go and in every mirror, and every dream because these criminals who had there reasons will see her face forever. For these cowards I hope you see her face on every person and everywhere you look. You can only be forgiven by Mrs Knoll.

    Our prayers are for Mrs Sarah Halimi as well .

    There will be no virgins waiting for you because you have done the wrong thing.


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