Breaking News March 20, 2018 at 10:38AM

BREAKING: Police have arrested 8 Muslims aged 15-67, merchants and residents, for failing to act during the stabbing attack in which a Muslim terrorist murdered Adiel Coleman on Sunday in the Old City of Jerusalem. 2 of them were released at the end of the investigation. The remaining 6 will face a court hearing. via Facebook Pages


  1. Aiding and abetting is a legal term related to the guilt of a person (or persons) who aids or abets in the commission of a crime. It generally allows a court to pronounce someone guilty for aiding and abetting in a crime even if they are not the principal offender. Failing to act is an extension under law ; “allowing a Crime to be committed”…
    In reality,,,,,, millions of Muslims are guilty of it ; the Crime is an extension of their own religion.


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