Cleared for publication: IDF’s Unit 8200 thwarted Iranian cyber attack against Israel

Israel’s elite intelligence unit 8200, together with the Cyber Defense Division in the Computer Service Directorate thwarted an Iranian attempt to launch a cyber attack against private and public bodies in Israel, in addition to helping Australia thwart ISIS’s plot to blow up a plane.


“This was made possible thanks to close monitoring of the Iranian apparatus and early identification of offensive attempts in Israel. Unit 8200, in an effort led by the Computer Service Directorate, actively works to identify the threat and effectively neutralize it,” the IDF said.

Cleared for publication IDF's Unit 8200  thwarted Iranian cyber attack against Israel.jpg

A senior Unit 8200 explained that “a part of 8200 deals with operational activity beyond the borders. Our missions include incorporating offensive cyber tools as well as tools that help shape perception, alongside cyber defense. The cyber world has become a tool to achieve military and diplomatic goals. Today, it’s not just about reaching arenas like Syria and Iran, but also to bypass technological giants without getting caught.”

He said technologies and tools developed in the unit allowed Israeli forces to thwart dozens of terror attacks in Judea and Samaria, mostly those planned by lone wolf Muslim terrorists. “We run advanced algorithmics in a technological machine that constantly learns and develops the more data you input,” he said.


  1. Iranians would be the most clever amongst the Arab nations… but then… they must concede to IDF intelligence.
    Despite the terrible cost of War… greater innovation, is one redeeming feature.


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