France: ‘Real terrorists are our govt’: Muslim singer quits The Voice over pro-jihad, anti-Semitic comments

A French Muslima has quit a TV singing competition amid criticism of pro-Jihad and anti-Semitic comments she posted on Facebook after ISIS terror attacks in 2016.

Mennel Ibtissem drew nationwide attention for a performance Saturday on French TV program ‘The Voice’ of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah.’ The French-born Muslima of Syrian origin, sang one passage in Arabic.

But within days of Saturday’s performance the 22-year-old was under pressure to bow out over Facebook messages that appeared to question the Muslim terrorist nature of  Jihadist attacks that claimed scores of lives in France in 2016.

The posts have been deleted but screen grabs of the remarks have been circulated on several websites.


Ibtissem’s posts included support for Palestinian terrorism and, during the 2014 war on Gaza, she condemned Israel for “terrorizing innocent civilians.”

In 2015 she sang a song called, ‘Smile Palestine’, which references the “slaughter of mothers, fathers, little sisters and little brothers.”

France ‘Real terrorists are our govt’ Muslim singer quits The Voice over pro-jihad, anti-Semitic comments (2).png

In one post after the July 2016 truck attack in the city of Nice and 86 people were murdered by a Muslim terrorist, she said: ‘Here we go, it’s become a routine, an attack a week, and, as usual, the ‘terrorist’ takes his ID with him. It’s true that when you’re plotting something nasty you never forget to take your papers with you.’

She was referencing a series of jihadist terror attacks in France in which police quickly named the Muslim terrorists through documents found on their bodies, including the 2015 Paris attacks that murdered 130 people.

France ‘Real terrorists are our govt_ Muslim singer quits The Voice over pro-jihad, anti-Semitic comments (2)


In another post, days after two Muslim terrorists slit the throat of a priest in his Normandy church, she wrote: ‘The real terrorists are our government.’

With private broadcaster TF1 under pressure to pull her out of the competition, including from relatives of the victims of the Nice attack, she quit today.


  1. A DIRTY/POLLUTED SOUL can try to appear in any beautiful look and/or with wonderful voice, but in fact it still stays and recognized as A DIRTY/POLLUTED SOUL with no real personal personality.


  2. Jihadist’s are not born ; their children are taught to hate and destroy… and it starts with the parents.
    If Mennel had babies & with her mentality ; they would likely grow to become “home grown Terrorists”.


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