Spillover on the Golan Heights – Gunshots fired at Israeli drone patrolling Syrian border

Unidentified sources opened fire on Thursday at an Israeli Skylark unmanned aircraft that was patrolling the Syrian border. No damage was done to the drone, but bullets and signs of damage were found in the Druse town of Majdal Shams.

Two bullets were fired from a Syrian machine gun at the IDF’s drone, which was used to gather intelligence in the northern Golan.

Spillover on the Golan Heights - Gunshots fired at Israeli drone patrolling Syrian border (2).jpg

Earlier that day, several bullets hit a house in Majdal Shams in the northern Golan Heights and a mortar shell landed near a school in Kibbutz Natur.

No injuries were reported and lessons are back on schedule.

No one was injured, but house suffered damage.


IDF believes the shooting was due to spillover from the internal fighting in Syria.

A few days ago the Syrian army claimed that Syrian air defenses intercepted several Israeli missiles targeting an Iranian base west of the capital of Damascus.

During the years of the war in Syria, the infighting at times led to spillover of mortar shells and gunshots into the Israeli Golan. In some cases, the IDF retaliated and even destroyed Syrian army artillery batteries.


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