6 Muslim terrorists arrested over attack of Israeli man who accidentally entered Abu Dis near Jerusalem

The IDF and Border Police arrested overnight Saturday six Muslim terrorists from Abu Dis who attacked an Israeli man after he accidentally entered the Arab village near Jerusalem.

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The Israeli forces encountered rioting during the arrest raid, with a grenade being thrown at IDF soldiers. Regardless, no Israeli troops were hurt and no damage was caused.

The 59-year-old Israeli man from Tel Aviv went to Wadi Qelt to ride horses and got lost on his way back, ending up in Abu Dis near the Al-Quds University campus, where several Muslim terrorists noticed him and started hurling stones at him.

Palestinian Authority security forces who arrived at the scene protected him and contacted the Jerusalem area’s District Coordination and Liaison Office in order to hand him over to the IDF and Civil Administration.


The Israeli was then taken to the Palestinian security forces’ local station in Abu Dis to await extraction. When the Palestinian Authority forces disembarked towards the Israeli forces in order to hand him over, violent riots broke out, in which some 200 terrorists threw rocks.

The terrorists also completely burned down the Israeli’s car.

Both the Israeli and the Palestinian Authority forces had to ensconce themselves in one of the university’s buildings until the Israeli forces arrived to extricate him.

Two of the Palestinian Authority security forces personnel were wounded in the attack.

The Israeli, who suffered a head injury among other wounds, was taken to the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem for treatment.


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