Warsaw ban anti-Semitic demonstration over Israel opposition to bill that downplay Poland’s role in Nazi atrocities

A Warsaw governor has taken steps to prevent a planned far-right protest outside the Israeli Embassy by banning traffic in the area, citing security concerns.

Right-wing groups have called the protest for late Wednesday amid a spat between Poland and Israel over pending Polish legislation which prescribes prison time for defaming the Polish nation by using phrases such as “Polish death camps” to refer to the Polish death camps the Nazi Germany operated in occupied Poland during World War II.

Warsaw regional governor Zdzislaw Sipera said Wednesday that for security reasons he is banning traffic around the embassy until February 5, except for residents and city services, to prevent protesters from gathering.

Undercover report Polish neo-Nazis praising Hitler in nighttime forest ceremony (3)

Israel has vehemently protested the law saying its unclear wording would stifle historic research and truth.

Netanyahu said at his weekly cabinet meeting Sunday that Israel has “no tolerance for the distortion of the truth, the rewriting of history and the denial of the Holocaust.”

A Polish TV host has suggested that World War II death camps in Poland be referred to as “Jewish death camps” instead of Polish or German, while a journalist intimated on his program that Jews played a part in the Nazi Final Solution.

Poland - State TV Channel maybe we should call them Jewish camps After all we know who manned the crematoria

The comments have fanned the flames that have already mildly burned relations between Warsaw and Jerusalem after the Polish parliament attempt to downplay Poland’s role in Nazi atrocities.


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