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Ambassador Danon reveals: Iran has amassed an army of 82,000 troops in Syria

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon revealed on Thursday previously undisclosed information concerning the Syrian Civil War to the UN Security Council.

Danon told the executive body that he was ready to expose the “classified information” for the first time, saying “Iran is currently controlling 82 thousand fighters in Syria.”

The Israeli envoy claimed that the Islamic republic currently has more than “three thousand of its own Iranian Revolutionary Guard” in Syria.

Ambassador Danon reveals Iran has amassed an army of 82,000 troops in Syria.jpg

He also noted that it was sponsoring over 10 thousand Hezbollah terrorists in the country and was training local Syrian forces in the civil war.

The rest, Danon claimed, were made up of extremist Shi’ite terrorists that Iran was sponsoring.

This all comes at a cost of $35 billion.

“Why does Iran keep recruiting these extremists to be killed in the battlefields of Syria? Why is Iran building bases to house these fighters for the long run? The answer is clear. To further destabilize Syria and our region. To further threaten Israel, and to further terrorize the entire free world.”

Danon reiterated that Israel takes no sides in the Syrian Civil War.

Ambassador Danon reveals Iran has amassed an army of 82,000 troops in Syria (2).jpg

A total of 82,000 troops “under Iran’s authority in Syria” include:

● 3,000 members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard,

● 9,000 terrorists from Hezbollah,

● 10,000 members of Shia militias recruited from across the region,

● 60,000 local troops


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